Religious Education Registration

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This form is to be used for all of our Children's Religious Education classes EXCEPT for Coming of Age (8th/9th grade). Please contact Chrissy Bushyager or Megan Grissom with any questions you might have.

Thank you for registering your infant, child, and/or youth in our Religious Education program! Please be sure to register all of your children as we do want to include all family members.

There is a $25/child (max. $50/family) resources fee for Preschool through 7th grade. This fee does not reflect the full program cost. Parent contributions of time and resources are required to keep our program running. Please see the Director of Religious Education if you need this fee waived or need a partial scholarship for personal reasons.
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Safe Congregation Policy

Safe Congregation Policy can be found on the UUCDC website using the Search tool.
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Photo/Web Release

I understand that on occasion the UUCDC uses photos on its website and/or for church-related publicity. I also understand that the church will only use group photos of youth/children and will never identify children/youth by name.
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Parent Commitment

The UUCDC Religious Education program is a volunteer-based program and depends on many volunteers to make it work. We ask each family with a child registered in Sunday School to assist with the program during the year by teaching/assisting (pending background checks) in one of our classes, or serving on the RE Council. I (we) understand that I (we) will be called on to be a helper in my child’s classroom during the year. For those interested in making a special gift to the RE Program, ask about our Wish List of books, equipment and supplies.
Behavior and Safety Expectations

Parents’ Responsibility for Children:
Before and after RE class time, parents are responsible to supervise their children and youth. We urge parents to take note of where your children and youth are and with whom.

Behavior/Safety Expectations:
All children and youth are expected to behave with respect to each other, adults and their space. Any child or youth who is being disruptive or threatening the safety of others or of him/herself will be asked to stop the disruptive or unsafe behavior. If the child or youth will not, then a parent will be called to remove the child or youth from the classroom or other area until the behavior can be amended. All efforts will be made by the Director of Religious Education, volunteers and parents to help children and youth know what the expectations are.
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